The VRGO chair is a novel seated input device to control movement within virtual reality. The product works by tilting and turning in the direction the user wants to travel in through a system of highly accurate sensors. Its a completely new and intuitive way to have hands free control of your VR experience and is set to be rolled out globally later this year. The company is headed up by myself and developed by an awesome team of hardware and software experts based out of the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.


Before the VRGO became a VR input chair it was originally designed as a posture chair that worked much like a swiss ball, in that it gently encourages its user to move. Through Active Lab I have gone back to this original idea and have begun building on our technology platform to develop a VRGO that not only tracks its users activity but also promotes more movement throughout the day with simple but engaging interactive experiences.


Being sedentary while being seated for any length of time can have serious health consequences. It is linked to some kinds of cancers, heart disease and can contribute to diabetes, kidney and liver problems. It is said to contribute to the premature death of over 5 million people a year. Interrupting sedentary sitting through regular interventions can reduce the negative effects of prolonged sedentary sitting.


Working with academics at the University of Bristol we are using user-centred participatory research so that we can build up a picture of how best we can make a product that is of genuine use to its stakeholders through improvements in their posture, vitality, wellbeing and concentration.


The whole team are excited to have been accepted onto the ActiveLab programme as this has given us a great opportunity to work with leading health and fitness professionals. We have already been offered a mentor with an impressive background that will no doubt provide us with a unique insight into how to market our product in this competitive sector. We hope the programme will give us focus to finalise the development and roll out a product that we hope will have a profound effect on peoples health and wellbeing.


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