The Challenge!


Children love to be active!  So why is our Nation seeing an obesity crisis?  Are our children not active enough? Are they not doing the right type of activity? Or does the physical activity stop as soon as the school bell rings for home time?


Here at, we believe that the key is to support adults, whether that be parents or teachers, by providing all the ideas and tools to help motivate and inspire children… and to make activity fun!


The reality is that very few parents have the ideas or the time to regularly spend getting their children active – it often falls on the schools to do the work.  We speak to 100’s of teachers across the country and they tell us about the lack of training that is provided to teach PE and activity (it’s as little as a few hours in teacher training, that’s all!)… yet they are expected to teach it, and they just don’t feel confident in delivering great activity that children will love.


So where does this leave us?  Children who want to be active; teachers who lack the confidence to teach PE; and parents who lack the ideas and the time to get their children active.  Can you imagine what would happen to activity levels if EVERY teacher felt confident in delivering physical activity throughout the school day?  What would happen if parents were given “home activity” rather than homework?  What if parents were provided with ideas to quickly and easily raise the activity levels of their entire family?  And what if all this was provided by a place you trust; a place that cares about the wellbeing of your children; your teachers and your school?


It is this challenge that tackles head on.


The concept!


Imoves started 7 years ago by Imogen Buxton-Pickles; an experienced dance specialist working with schools across Yorkshire.  Imogen worked with local schools to develop the imoves concept which enables ANY teacher to teach dance confidently; our concept has been expanded nationwide and supports whole school improvement in activity.  We are now developing resources to provide a link between school and home.


We started by focussing our support on teachers; providing them with 100’s of lessons from dance to gymnastics and games to fundamental skills. Our aim is to upskill every teacher, building their confidence and enjoyment with our sustainable, easy-to-use approach to teaching PE.


We provide teachers with all the resources they need; including interactive demonstration movies, lesson plans, music, flash cards, and planning and assessment tools – all available online so lessons can be delivered whenever and wherever.


Our resources are a foundation for PE, but also offer cross-curricular links and can be used with English, History, Geography and Science lessons, making it easier to get children active every day.


Our future is to link the activity in schools with activity at home, inspiring children to be more active whilst providing teachers and parents with the ideas and tools to get them active.


The Solutions


We have 2 packages currently available and one that is in the development stages:


  • com is our dance package which includes over 50 different styles and topics covering over 200 hours of lessons for Primary schools. Styles range from Strictly classics to Hip Hop and topics cover many cross-curricular areas in history, science and geography from Stonehenge to Eco-warriors.


  • com is our complete PE package – as well as all our dance resources, this package also includes lessons in Gymnastics, Pilates, Fundamental Skills for younger children and Athletics and Games for older children, covering over 400 hours of lessons for a primary school.


  • We are developing com which will expand the concept to broaden activity to other areas of the curriculum in schools and will provide resources that can be used by children and families at home.


The Results


We currently have over 500 schools actively using our resources every year – that’s over 100,000 children in the UK that are having fun getting active with  We have a further 8,000 teachers using our free resources which include trial lessons and upskill me guides. Over the last 2 years alone, we have provided CPD to 1,000’s of teachers across the UK.  That’s a whole lot of schools joining the imoves community!


But, what do our teachers say?


“I’ve just finished the Pilates jungle unit with my reception class and the children and staff have loved it. It’s been really nice to see how the children have challenged themselves with the different poses and they’ve been engaged throughout the lessons. They particularly enjoyed trying to roar as loud as possible doing the lion pose!  I’ve found the planning really informative and the photo flashcards modelling the different poses were a brilliant reminder for both me and the children”.  Whitecotes Primary School, Leeds


“The training was great and I feel that the teachers learnt a lot from it and have been inspired and feel more confident to teach dance. I think because everything is provided (plan & music), the scheme seems a lot more manageable. The training at the end of the day was really useful as getting all of the staff to take an active part in the session really helped!”  Holmer Green First School, High Wycombe