Now white label ready, the digital system consists of IOS and Android apps, analytics system, CRM, online booking functions as well as 800 exercise content for the gym and at home, a workout builder, on-demand GX  as well as being capable of Live Streaming of group exercise  both consumed through the app. Alongside this, there is a team/staff portal which allows staff to generate or create workouts, manage a health and fitness assessment called BioScore and drop the workouts and results of the assessment into the app of the member.



Behind our digital system there is years of research in understanding what behaviours cause people to develop fitness habits. Deep rooted into the foundation of everything we do is an understanding of the self-determination theory. This theory was introduced by a behavioural psychologist with 25 years’ experience in working out what motivates people to live a healthy lifestyle. The idea is that by giving members a fitness experience where they have choice and can access knowledge, in an environment where they feel like they belong, they will stay motivated at the gym and beyond.

The digital system is a product of this research and we believe it is the first of its kind.

The app has already been recognised among ground-breaking global technology brands at the DADI and EMM Awards. To be recognised for a technology product borne of the fitness industry is an achievement in itself.



The app breaks down the four walls of the gym taking a gym operator to become a true fitness brand by offering digital memberships to consumers not just members. This increases the size of the market for the operator as they are free of the current location restrictions.


  1. Consistent experience 

Delivers a world-class fitness experience, every minute of every day

  1. Adds Value

Gives members more of what they want (fresh and exciting workouts, unlimited GX & fitness lifestyle on their own terms and timetable)

  1. Develops valuable relationships

Increases engagement with members that builds loyalty & drives retention

  1. Improves Margins 
    • Optimise a clubs physical assets, reduces CPA & increases margins
    • Creates new revenue streams : Upselling to existing members and non-members.




The Connected Fitness Labs business initially incubated by Fitness First, is now a stand-alone centre for innovation, creating solutions for the broader industry. The Connected Fitness Labs team is comprised of a core group of fitness, digital developers and technical experts, as well as motivation and data scientists. Connected Fitness Labs are the next step on the journey that begun in 2013, when Fitness First began to re-engineer its clubs and business based on behavioural psychology, and announced its new fitness philosophy, enhanced staff expertise and range of new workouts, backed by a global £225m investment.

Our USP’s

  1. Intuitive Technology Experience ( UX, UI)
  2. Quality Content (Workout Builder 800 exercises with Fitness Logic)
  3. Digital Membership capability  – On Demand GX and Live Streaming


Find out more about Connected Fitness Labs at ActiveLab Live! to buy tickets to the event, visit: http://activelab.co/activelab-live/